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Portrait Project || Recap

I think the one thing I learned through this project was that I need to prepare to be surprised.

I certainly didn't plan on hugging complete strangers after I photographed them, but I did.  I didn't plan on having people email me some of their deepest personal feelings, and find comfort in the images I made with them, but that happened.  I didn't plan (like usual) and instead of being underprepared I found myself, well, changing.  And that was a surprise.

Below are a few of my favorites portraits, they are all black and white for consistency's sake, because quite frankly making black and white photographs is my strength, and because I think all images should be black and white unless color adds something.  

Thank you so SO much to everyone who came and sat in front of my camera, and trusted me to make their portrait.  It was a true pleasure.

Ali Lanengaportraits