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like yesterday

like yesterday, i welcomed you into this world, tiny knees curled to chin from a world wrapped in darkness.  you emerged bringing with you so much joy.  my heart felt the fullest the first time i held your wet slippery body.  so full.  so complete.  i'll forever remember that moment when from a family of three we became four.  i remember your eyes, blind and searching closing softly on my chest.  our heartbeats slowing to the same rhythm.  and your fists wrapped tight, my hand covering yours.  i believe that when the history of the world is written this moment, with its hum of lullaby, will be recorded.  a few ticks after 7pm on a drizzly thursday evening, you are one for the books.

 penny rose i didn't know my heart had a void until you filled it.  i'm so glad you're mine.

Ali Lanengapersonal, penny