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Spring || Summa' Daze

Spring is here, finally. And it's all sunglasses and yellow stained noses from rubbing dandelions too close trying to inhale all that spring has to offer. Blooms are the size of fists and afternoons are spent with bare legs and toes chipped with yesterdays polish. We can't wait for the summa' daze ahead.  Please come soon.

Ali LanengaColor Palete
Color Palete || Green

Gone are the days when it rains for 30+ days straight with gloomy skies that roam in every direction for miles without escape, and finally all that rain is turning into a lush and lovely Spring. Green is my color palette. Pastels seems to be popping up everywhere and i'm completely ignoring them. I see richer tones.  Maybe it's because i'm completely off all depression medication - my emotions aren't muted anymore and neither are the colors i'm seeing. 

Fresh cut bangs and this jumpsuit and I'm ready to run through fields of blooms.

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Ali LanengaColor Palete