The Empress Of Winter || Audio Clip

Wallflower Series

The Empress Of Winter

I recently had the opportunity to present some of my artwork and the Art and History Museums: Maitland.  It was a wonderful experience and I got a lot of feedback and questions about my work.  I figured that my online audience would have similar questions and interests, so I've address them here in an audio clip.  It's only 8 minutes and the most interesting parts are toward the middle and end, so hang in there.

This is my first time recording my voice so if you have any tips or feedback on how to improve the technical aspects please reach out.  You hear me swallow a few times and I apologize for that : ) Like typical me, I was nervous, but persisted anyway.


Below is a portrait I took of my husband and I for our 10 year anniversary.  On the wall you can see The Empress Of Winter.  Even though this image is in black and white, I think this gives you a sense of scale.

Ali Lanenga
Collaged Chemigrams || Standing Still
Three Pieces PS-web.jpg

Collaged Chemigrams

Work about standing still

Maybe it's the holiday season, or the general business of raising a family, but either way I've been thinking a lot about being still.  Standing still.  Instead of heading into the darkroom with my thoughts, I decided to mull over my previous work and dive into my remnants box.  

One of the things I love about working with cyanotype chemistry is how gentle is in on the environment.  It was one of the reasons I was first drawn to it!  After all it's essentially iron salts and it's developed in water.  (As a side note, it's also why I love working with encaustic, no harsh chemicals, just beeswax and damar resin, which is like maple syrup, but from the damar tree.) I keep all my cut offs from previous work, because I don't think I should be wasteful and they've been sitting by my desk just asking to be put to use.  I decided to collage three pieces with the idea of standing still, allowing reflection in stillness and finding movement in the unexpected quiet. 

The framed pieces are below.  The frames were made by a company out of North Carolina with zero landfill waste (which is important to me).  We need to take care of this place we call home :)

For those of you curious about my processes, I printed on Stonehenge, Kozo, and Arches papers.  All of my toning was done in vinegar or wine tannin. I used Lineco neutral ph adhesive and encaustic medium from R&F.

Each piece is available for purchase HERE

Ali Lanenga
Transitions || Finding Perspective


Finding perspective in change

Lately, I've had to address some trauma I experienced as a child.  Sadly, this type of thing flares up on occasion and I find myself having to readdress things that I thought I had moved on from.

I've made a point to try to cope by finding beauty and turning negative experiences into positive ones, but this time it was really difficult to function in the darkroom with so much emotional noise.  However, my efforts (and insomnia) were rewarded through persistence.  I have 5 NEW pieces to share with you.  

The first image, Silhouette Of A Woman, is about accepting my shape-- which I recreated with floral elements.  


The next two, Dreamland followed by Insomnia Eyes, are shapes from my dreams.  When coping with trauma sleep can be such a struggle because the mind takes paths in your dreams that can be unwanted and painful.

The last two pieces are about lines and how perspectives change, ebb, flow, and bleed.  

The top image, Hopeful Darkness, is less of a title and more of a pursuit.  The line connecting the diptych is Truth which is always there, but our understanding of it changes.  

The last image, Bleeding Bouganvillia, is one of my favorites because it is not cutely "perfectly imperfect" it's purposefully flawed allowing for surprises, which it's a major theme across all my work.  

Shop the collection HERE.

As always each piece is original, archival, and one of a kind.

Ali Lanenga