The Empress Of Winter || Audio Clip


Wallflower Series

The Empress Of Winter

I recently had the opportunity to present some of my artwork and the Art and History Museums: Maitland.  It was a wonderful experience and I got a lot of feedback and questions about my work.  I figured that my online audience would have similar questions and interests, so I've address them here in an audio clip.  It's only 8 minutes and the most interesting parts are toward the middle and end, so hang in there.

This is my first time recording my voice so if you have any tips or feedback on how to improve the technical aspects please reach out.  You hear me swallow a few times and I apologize for that : ) Like typical me, I was nervous, but persisted anyway.


Below is a portrait I took of my husband and I for our 10 year anniversary.  On the wall you can see The Empress Of Winter.  Even though this image is in black and white, I think this gives you a sense of scale.

Ali Lanenga