The Back Patio

Continuing my home renovation series here is the back patio.  It's a simple space that we made with very little budget.  

First we removed the extra dryer vent and water hose and lots of extra wiring.  Each room in our house was hard wired for cable which seemed ridiculous to us because we don't even have a TV.  There was lots of just extra random non functioning things attached to the house back here, and they all we're taken down.  

When my brother visited he helped me build the benches out of concrete blocks that were just left in the yard.  The previous owners must have had a dog because the entire property line was bricked in.  We cleaned and glued and painted them and added some lumber and BOOM! BENCHES!  We also made some planters, because we just had so many.  I added plants, baskets, and cushions-- and the space is essential finished.  

A few other things: the large wood round is from the neighbors tree that i'll eventually have made into a side/coffee table, but right now acts as a footstool.  All the pants are from the Home Depot (my second home).  The pots are either from the Home Depot or Ikea.  The baskets are from Ikea, except for the larges basket which is from Target.  The cushions are from Ikea as is the side table and watering can.

Because we have two very large oak trees in the backyard, it's always covered in leaves no matter how many times we rake.  And since Florida has a year round growing season they are IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with.

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