Transitions || Finding Perspective



Finding perspective in change

Lately, I've had to address some trauma I experienced as a child.  Sadly, this type of thing flares up on occasion and I find myself having to readdress things that I thought I had moved on from.

I've made a point to try to cope by finding beauty and turning negative experiences into positive ones, but this time it was really difficult to function in the darkroom with so much emotional noise.  However, my efforts (and insomnia) were rewarded through persistence.  I have 5 NEW pieces to share with you.  

The first image, Silhouette Of A Woman, is about accepting my shape-- which I recreated with floral elements.  


The next two, Dreamland followed by Insomnia Eyes, are shapes from my dreams.  When coping with trauma sleep can be such a struggle because the mind takes paths in your dreams that can be unwanted and painful.

The last two pieces are about lines and how perspectives change, ebb, flow, and bleed.  

The top image, Hopeful Darkness, is less of a title and more of a pursuit.  The line connecting the diptych is Truth which is always there, but our understanding of it changes.  

The last image, Bleeding Bouganvillia, is one of my favorites because it is not cutely "perfectly imperfect" it's purposefully flawed allowing for surprises, which it's a major theme across all my work.  

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As always each piece is original, archival, and one of a kind.

Ali Lanenga