The Living and Dining Room || Before and After

Here we go again, this time with the living and dining area! This space is VERY open and leads into the kitchen, so a lot of what we did in this space I mentioned in the post I did for the kitchen and breezeway.  The only thing to really note here is the added window by the dining room table.  The previous owners had filled it with interior and exterior laminate shelving.  It was hideous so we removed them and put in a window, the only catch was they removed the window sill -- and i'm not even joking I found it buried in the backyard!  We cleaned it, reattached and painted it and now it's as good as new.  We also updated the tile on the window sills, all new flooring and baseboards, and new fan.  

In a perfect world we would have updated all the windows and drywall, but we had this annoying thing called a budget so...

In these photos you'll notice artwork shifts-- some for licensing reasons, some from time (i took these photos over a 3 month period), and some because I keep changing my mind.  You can license some of the images HERE.  I also added a few family photos, so you could see how we use the space.

Details:  The Hillary poster was from her campaign, and it's not coming down anytime soon-- tho I would like a Bernie one if someone knows where I could purchase one, please share!  The oil painting is by William Whitaker as is the portrait above the hooks, the rest of the artwork is my own.  The rug, curtains, and pillow are from Ikea, the couch from Wayfair, the chairs from West Elm purchased on clearance (you can wash the slip covers, tho to be honest i never do), the table my grandfather made, and the benches are from target.


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