Women's March || Shot on Film

People are beautiful.  The light beaming out of the individuals at the women's march I found so overpowering. I knew I wanted to capture it-- and I knew I wanted it on film. Film is timeless, the grain structure is real, and the medium is slow. Some of these are candid, others I stopped and asked to take their portrait and EVERYONE said yes. They were all so patient with me as I manually operated an old Canon film camera my father-in-law found is his garage. This was the second roll of film I have ever shot.  

I think both indiviually and collectively these images speak to the power of souls that gathered to march. To me the message of the march wasn't spread in homemade signs or chanting crowds, it was in the eyes of the people that gathered.  

I'm going to prints these in the darkroom during my next session which is March-May. If I took your portrait, please contact me and I'll send you a print.

These scans were done quickly by a local lab, and they are not perfect, but they are good.  I'm in the market for a great lab, if you have any recommendations please send them my way.

Shot on Ilford XP2 with a Canon AE-1

Digital photos of the march I posted HERE

Ali Lanenga