The Kitchen || Before and After

Here is our KITCHEN renovation!  The kitchen was the worst part of the house, literally smaller than the kitchen of our 590 square foot Portland, Oregon apartment that we moved from.  It was a traditional galley kitchen about 6' wide by 9' long.  Tiny.  We filled in the entrance to the kitchen which was in the back of the breezeway (you can see photos of that room HERE), removed two walls, removed a free standing chimney to an oil furnace that was hidden inside one of the walls, all new flooring, added a bunch of recessed lighting, removed the mold in the ceiling, moved the fridge and oven electrical components, and added a dishwasher-- this is my first dishwasher after 8+ years of marriage, put in floor to ceiling white subway tile, all new cabinets, hardware, and countertops.



Our shelving is from Ikea, the pottery is from my Grandfather, the bar cart is from Ikea (adapted from a Studio DIY tutorial), the Elephant (named Daphne BTW) is from a company in Orem, UT whose name I forgot, the bar stools are from Target, the artwork is all my own so I can license the photographs through Stocksy  -- normally it's much better... a funny image of Bill Murray, a beautiful original oil painting by William Whitaker, an abstract, etc.   

Also, part of me thinks it's funny that we have a bar cart and a collection of shot glasses, tho neither Drew nor I drink... Anyway, to the BEFORE!


And a few photos from the holidays!

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