50 Studio Portraits

Guys, I need your help. I'm working on a project where I need 50 studio portraits. My poor family has been (over)documented and I need to practice shooting other people. It's kinda a project for school, kinda a project for my work, and kinda a project for me. Being a complete introvert I'm really looking to get outside of my comfort zone and photograph not only friends but complete strangers, like humans I've never met before. Old human, young humans, and all other human in between are welcome to participate. 

Here's how it'll work. You come to my studio (which is actually my living room) and I'll spend 10-20 minutes taking your photograph. Prop wise you can bring a sombrero, your favorite ugly sweater, or just your lovely self and as long as you're not in your birthday suit I'll take your picture. I'll then pick the 3 best ones and edit them and then you'll get beautiful high quality digital portraits free of charge. You can then use the photo however you like- print it and send it to you mother, use it on LinkedIn, you get the idea.

Here are a few examples...

If you're feeling generous you can sign a waiver and allow me to license the photo as a part of my photography business, but you need not feel like you have to- this part is TOTALLY optional.  

If you're interested I'll be booking portrait session weekday evenings and Saturdays during the month of March and April.  Shoot me an email at ali.lanenga@gmail.com and let's make some photographs!


Ali Lanenga