The Wards || SW Portland

The Ward family lives beneath the white popcorn like blossoms in SW Portland.  Hand sanitizer stands guarding their entryway and their skittish cat watches you warily from the window.  Inside they spin in the curtains just to see their babe smile, raise him in the air and make airplane sounds, and they let him eat their faces as he tries to give kisses. They take walks holding hands and seemingly don't see more than a few steps ahead as they glance down at the less than small human within the wall of their pram. They pinch cheeks and wear sunglasses and they radiate pure joy. 

These photos were taken to let time stand still.  To fain it's relentless pattern of forward motion. To let the fat baby rolls and squishy cheeks live on forever as the reflection of light that so easily beams out of the eyes of their little one.