F-Stops and Costa Rica

We went to Costa Rica and we had sooooo much fun!  We traveled with another family who also had young children, and honestly hanging out with them made our trip.  At the beginning Penny kept asking to go home, and by the end she kept asking to stay.  Traveling with kids is hard, period-- but it's also incredibly rewarding. Winnie is learning Spanish at school and it was so fun to see her trying to use the few words she knows.

I needed a low stress environment where I could take some creative risks and stretch myself.  Because the light is so bright and water is very reflective I shot almost the whole trip at numerically high F-stops, which is something I don't usually do and certainly didn't do well at the beginning of the trip.  By the end though, I felt super confident.  Here are a few photos!  

I took this photo on our last day, and isn't it lovely-- and I'm not just taking about the subject matter.

I just love how this image is framed and the light is patterned.  Everyone is represented-- well, everyone except me.

I always thought that with high F-Stops images looked too sharp, like a bad Iphone pic.  But this image has a softness to it that I find both unexpected and beautiful. 


These are near misses.  I hadn't adjusted my shutter speed after I adjusted my F-Stop, and these are slightly out of focus and grainy.  I still love them though, and printed small you can't tell.

I just love solar flares!  I'm absolutely obsessed with them at the moment.  The more I play with them the better I'm getting at predicting how the sun will read in a photograph and how to control it.  I find shooting at a higher F-Stop really helps.

And here are a few more, just because!

Ali Lanenga