The Breezeway || Our Florida House!

We've mostly finished renovating our 1956 Florida House!  Here are before and after photos of the breezeway.  The before photos are rough-- We bought the house site unseen (we're really smart adults, guys!).  When I flew out to look at what we had purchased I was underwhelmed to say the least.  What you don't get in the photos is the smell.  I didn't take too many before photos because honestly it was really difficult to even be in the house without wanting to run far, far away.  And yes it really was that dark.

In this room, we added more recessed lighting, all new flooring, added drywall and white paint (that cinder block HAD to go), removed the shelving in the walls and walkthrough, filled in the super awkward back door to the kitchen, and lastly changed all the electrical covers to white.  We did a lot of the work ourselves, and we hired a lot of the work out too.  It was such a huge learning curve.  Drew and I fully consider this house our practice house.

I'll post the other rooms when I clean them, which might be a while... which I should note that as I do, the artwork will be repetitive.  I hope to license some of these photos (here!) and I only have the rights to my own photographs. The ones here I took, and (mostly) printed myself in the darkroom. 

Nearly all of the furnishing are from Target or Ikea almost without exception.  We are not wealthy people and our kids jump on the furniture and spread guacamole over everything.  Always. The triangle shelves are from Etsy, the french stuffed cushions from Pier 1, the letter board from Letterfolk, and the white chair is literally the only nice piece of furniture we own-- I had it shipped from Denmark, it doubles as a chair for my studio work so it had to be nice.

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