Penny Is ONE!

Last year i gave birth to this little one.  Penelope Rose.  And i can't really believe that a year has past so quickly.   I love her, i love every little thing about her.  I love that in her eyes is understanding, that she has the same facial expressions as her papa, that she puts her head on my chest and we feel each other's heart beat,  i love that wide open grin of hers,  her fierce independence and natural disposition to explore things on her own.  I love her curls and i especially love her bedhead mad scientist look in the morning and after naps,  i love how her head fits on my shoulder,  and i love her playful spirit.

We nursed by the moonlight and took our first steps in this year.  And we made it through, together.

...and in keeping up with our tradition here is her Year 1 video. 

For inquiring minds- her dress is Llum bought on offer at GILT and the song is "Little Miss Sunshine" by Reaktor Productions

Ali Lanengapersonal