Developing Dahlias

My dahlia series of cyanotypes stem (no pun intended) around the change of my youngest child heading off to kindergarten. Can you feel pride and absolute heartache at the same time? You can. I am. It hurts. Deep shadows and bright beams at the SAME TIME. My heart is bursting, I feel so much.

These prints were developed to clip mid tone ranges and focus on contrast, which mirrors my emotions.

Each print is 16x20in on Stonehenge paper deckled approximately to 20x24in and made entirely by hand. They are even more gorgeous in person, promise.

Joy and Sorrow
They both are the same
in entirely different ways
— Alejandra Lanenga
Can you feel pride and absolute heartache at the same time?
— Alejandra Lanenga
Ali Lanenga
Studio Tour

Studio Tour!

My new space in Portland, OR

Tucked in the SW hills of Portland, OR between the Willamette River and the forest on a quiet property sits my studio space. Wrapped in cedar wood and filled with my favorite things. If I sit still long enough the sound of the stream that runs through the property with drift through my open window. Only to be followed by the smell of the roses bursting throughout the garden.

Ali Lanenga