Lost Lake || Last Escape

One last escape as summer ends with my kinfolk.  Here we smelled the pines and heard the ripple across the water.  We danced at sunrise with our toes wet and waded in the water with our clothes fully on.  We didn't mind when Mt. Hood was coy and played peekaboo through the forest.  We ate chocolate peanut butter s'mores and flapjacks and ice cream by the sugar cone.  We cried at the thought of wearing life vests and when the boat was docked we raised our hands to the sky and reached for the mountains.  We slept in a log cabin and sat under the stars and watched the mist float atop the water.  We splashed and swam and sunbathed.  We sang "row row row your boat" and laughed at touching the hairy monkey's bum.  And when the mountains called us home we climbed it's slopes.  If I get things my way, we'll be back next year and every year after that...

PS There's the sweetest little home video at the end of all these photographs.  

...and here's the video!