The Gorge || Birthday^^

Yesterday was my birthday, I turned 26.  Every year on my birthday I throw myself a nice little pitty party, another year gone by and I haven't accomplished all the things I want to.  I skipped church and cried and slept in and cried some more.  Birthdays are hard, at least for me they are anyway.

So Drew planned a family hike for us.  To get me out of the house and near a place where I can hear the water.  I swear water cures all wounds and the sound of it rushing by is my favorite sound in the whole wide world.  We climbed Elowah Falls and enjoyed the Columbia River Gorge and saw The Bridge Of The Gods.  It was so lovely and soothing and just what I needed.   

I have so many wonderful people in my life right now.  A friend brought over the most delicious macaroons from Ken's Bakery and instead of birthday cake I always request this smoothie (which is so, so yummy).  And treats help.  And sweet handwritten cards with words that went straight to my heart made me feel better.  

This year.  26.  It's a solid number.  A number with some experience behind it.  Good things are coming this year, I just know it. 

PS That rubber duck in Drew's back pocket is too funny, right?!  Love that man.  LOVE him.

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