Our Man Ira || Newborn

Our man Ira.  He is the simplest of men, all he wants is boundless love and his Mama's milk.  His Mama bore down in the most tribal of ways and with the noon day sun glowing he slipped into this world.     He sleeps near his Papa's books, under the keen watch of his Mama.  You'll notice his eyes are blue, if you are lucky enough to catch him awake.  His tummy is round and full, his legs are wrinkled, and his skin is yellow and kissed all over.  He's curious about his sister and her rough and tumble ways, and she's instinctively protective of him.  With "SHHHH" and "Baby Ira is sleeping!" said only in the loudest of voices.    

This family, they play together in front room where they let me snap the most organic and unposed image, documenting that they are now four.  Four people, all from the spark two created.  Theirs is milky breath, and sleep deprivation, and hearts full of hurry up and please slow down.  Our man Ira.  He is the luckiest of men.