6 Hours with Officer Miller

 As part of my up coming studio requirements at PNCA I've taken on a couple really fascinating photography assignments.  In a few hours I'm meeting to discuss my first case.  I'm super excited about getting a case (though post meeting as I'm editing this, it's a serial killer case, and thank goodness it's been solved!)) and even more excited that I have permission to photograph.  This was no small feat.  I've spent a long of time gaining trust and making connections.  

In order to better understand how police operate I've spent 19 hours as an observer.  Documenting the exciting stuff and asking questions when their call load lagged.  Below are 6 hours that I spent with Officer Miller.  

And here is a selfie I took in the jail bathroom.  I'd never been to jail before and OBVIOUSLY a selfie was in order. 

Ali Lanenga