Two distinct feelings + A bottle of wine

I bought my first bottle of wine last night.  I've never purchased alcohol before and I tried to play it cool at the register, but totally blurted out "This is my first time buying wine!" like a total idiot and I kicked myself as the check-out clerk got wide eyed and nodded at me.  I know he was thinking, "This white girl is crazy!"  It goes without saying the bottle was for a friend.   Sometimes wine and tissues and a shoulder to sob on are the only solution (that and netflix and staying in your pj's for dayyyys and pizza and ice cream and french fries and more calories)

Life is confusing.  It's stupid, it's $&@%.  BUT there is always hope.  This quote by Dallas Clayton keeps coming to mind, "...maybe we're making a mess, maybe we're making it up as we go, maybe we're trying our best."

This morning while still trying to process, I had two distinct feelings that I had no words for.  So I photographed them.    

Ali Lanengapersonal