Morin Family || Soon To Be Four

I first met Cassandra when I was in college, which seems like eons ago, we worked at a diamond store together.  She had the most lovely red hair and smokey eyes, she still does.  I listened then as she talked about Justin and about life and dreams and somedays.  She has a baby boy in her now, round and full like the moon.  There is so much romance in family life, as I watched these three, soon to be four interact, I felt like I saw a glimpse both into the past and into their future.  Justin surely must roll over in the morning, place his hand on Cassie's growing belly and ask, "how's my son?"  When labor hits, Cassie's forehead will rest on Justin's chin.  He'll be the support, and won't flinch a bit as she squeezes his hand into oblivion.  Justin will whisper things about Cassie's strength and practice deep breathing with her.  She'll put her head on his shoulder and close her smoky eyes when the pain stops.  Later Justin will throw their son into the air, so high that he'll be outside the camera frame, just like he does with Daphne.  Daphne will teach her brother how to play chase and throw big rocks into streams, just which sticks are best for magic wands and all the best crayons for coloring on walls and carpet.

They are in for so much joy.  

I took special care in making these photographs.  I shot straight in the sun and and avoided the shade.  I wanted them to carry emotion and sun flare and haze that you can only get by shooting where the light is.  This family is full of light, that's how this baby boy will enter the world, and that's what's to come.  Light, light, and more light.