San Fransisco || A Sister Trip

This trip was fish tacos with my baby sister.  It was the painted ladies and gelato.  It was Monet and Rodin and the South of Market exhibition.  It was our thighs biking across Golden Gate Bridge.  It was Ai Weiwei and @large.  It was Alcatraz.  It was walking for dayyyyyys and for miles and forever.  It was Lands End and the bay.  It was sourdough and bike helmets.  It was the sunset from the Coit Tower and trolley rides.  It was the Palace Lagoon after dark, the breeze on the Wharf.  It was Lombard street and the Oh Happy Day studio.  It was 538's best burrito in the whole USA.    It was, and we are, sisters.  Seeing the world and taking names.