Say, "I am beautiful"

I first met Jackie in rec volleyball.  I think it was during the 5th grade, but it was a long time ago and the details are a bit fuzzy.  Fast forward a few years and  she was the girl in my 8th grade gym class that i wanted to be.  She had these bangs, that i envied, and still do.  Jackie is so raw as a person.  She has the ability to come completely undone and be vulnerable.  It makes her so irresistible and the camera LOVED her for it.

Perhaps it's why during this shoot whenever i made a less than flattering comment about myself she'd stop me and make me say "i am beautiful."  It was harder than i thought it would be to say, but it felt good. 

With her standing in front of my lens, i learned a lot about myself.    And that grade school-er (me!) that was always looking for acceptance from others, started to feel a bit more comfortable in her own shoes...

*bling from the ever fabulous shop strands.