Saddle Mountain || The good, the bad, and the truth!

I woke up this morning to 3 loads of laundry, smeared chocolate on the couch, one set of blown out diaper bedding, fruit flies in the trash, and my period.  I  feel like Monday said to me "hello! how are you?" and then slapped me right in the face. 

The truth is we hiked a mountain this weekend and it was glorious and two days later we're still a little put out from all the epic-ness.  We watched the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean, climbed higher than the clouds, and stood on top of the world.  The other truth is that is was hard.  Penny screamed most of the way up, and let me tell you nursing her while in a carrier at 5am all while walking up a mountain was difficult, but i am a woman and i do hard things.  Winnie kept asking to go home like the whole time, then as a special treat to her father she peed through her pull-up soaking his back.  In fairness she did tell us she had to go, while she was going... potty training is kinda the worst!  Getting 3 hours of sleep the night before was not our wisest move, but whatever we are young and fearless and we lived to tell the tale.  

I love my family.  I love sharing experiences with them.  I love a good adventure.  And i love doing things that make me feel alive.  So Monday, you can just knock it off, ok?!?!

*more pictures from this adventure here!

Ali Lanengapersonal