Levi + Lauren || Craigslist Friends

I met these two through Craigslist.  As in, I asked the interwebs for a couple that I could make photographs with and these two heard me across wires and cords.  I think we were both slightly worried that we might get kidnapped, thankfully that didn't occur.  

As i challenged myself professionally with this project, i wanted to study lines and shapes and forms without the added pressure of meeting a clients expectations.  I brought with me classic photographs to mimic and then make into my own- i learned so much.  There is a magic in photography, a connection between people and places that simply cannot be replicated.  So while my photographs will never be the originals i studied, they posses a magic all their own.  They are beautiful.  This couple is beautiful.  The baby bump just starting to form around Lauren's middle is beautiful.  And then there's the ocean.  You are in for a visual treat, friends.