Beatrix + Her Mamas

If there is anything i want my pictures to be it's honest.  i love being able to photograph people in the places and spaces they choose to call their own.  i like to record the ordinary, the everyday, and the usual.  the playing in the living room, swinging at the park, sitting on the front porch unposed and unscripted.     

so, this is beatrix and her mamas.  these mamas love their girl deep as the ocean is wide.  and she lights up for them.  they seemed to interact as if i weren't there watching and following them along with my camera.  their world is each other and everything else simply melts away.  as walt whitman said, "we were together.  i forget the rest." 

the light for these was grainy, bent, and shadowed.  it was perfect in it's imperfection.  always a pleasure to capture a family, always a pleasure to capture love.