ain't love grand

Sometimes after seeing so many beautiful moments i get hardened towards over sentimentality.  Then there are opposite moments when i want to put the camera down because heavens, i feel like i'm invading something too private, too personal, and too special. 

but then there was this moment. 

where it was as welcoming as it was magical.  where even though i thought the floors may collapse on me at any moment, my footing felt sure and the reality of the happiness others had made fireworks go off in my heart.  honestly, i can't remember the last time my breathe caught at something other than my husband and children - but it caught here.  everything stood still and time held.  it was as if the thick film of dust that this aged barn was covered in kicked up in excitement.  this barn, with creaky floors and broken windows seemly has survived so this moment could happen.  and i had butterflies watching someone else be so in love.

love is grand.