Jenny does Yoga

Jenny does yoga. She's been practicing for a while now and wanted some images to document her strength and motivate her to keep stretching herself (...literally!)  I was impressed.  Not only at her abilities, I can't even touch my toes, but at the deeper strength she had within.  These images show the confidences she's developed internally through doing yoga as best as a photo can capture and they visually will help her continue her fitness story.  

In a selfie centric culture, I was impressed that her desires for these photographs lacked any and all vanity. There was no showy, look-at-me narcism.  No pushy-ness to satisfy her own ego.  She wanted to visually see her strength to help propel and motivate her as she continues.  That's bold.  The whole shoot I kept thinking about the Pantene Ad's #shinestrong (here and here).   

So we made pictures in her backyard, under the dogwood tree.  And I left inspired not only at her outer strength, but with an admiration for her inner as well.