The Boyles + Winnie

Today we spent with the Boyles.  They are some of the few friends that we have made here in Portland where everyone in our family likes everyone in their family, and visa versa.  It's no consequence that they are by far some of the coolest and most interesting people we have ever met.  We had a merry old time picnicking in Mt. Tabor, eating banana pancakes, dipping cucumbers in humus, and sipping on raspberry lemonade.  Genevieve likes to run wild with Winnie, they are just a few weeks apart in age and once they're done pulling each others hair and poking one another with sticks, they are as good of friends as any two year old's i know.  

They are moving on us as this summer as John is pursuing a PhD.  Graciously, they let me snap a picture or two of them.