the thing that surprised me most...

...about being a parent is how hard it is.  i honestly feel the same way about marriage.  when drew and i got married it was like my heart now beat in a body no longer my own.  and that was scary.  if i've learned anything about love in my marriage it's how to be vulnerable.  parenthood, i think, is similar.  my heart now beats in 2 other little bodies.  i want to keep my heart safe, but it's out there pumping blood through my children and husband.  that's raw.  and it's hard mainly because i care so very much.

....but i'm better for it and i wouldn't have it any other way.

below are some outtakes of our week.  the images were shot with a very low aperture and have a soft sometimes overdone blur to them.  they are also grainier than normal too.  it's interesting how when i process images my overall mood comes across in a very real tone throughout my photographs.  i find such clarity and self introspection through photography. - enjoy.

Ali Lanengapersonal