an adventurer wearing a cape

I feel so inspired as i watch my toddler grow up and discover the world.  Her discoveries and take on the things are my pure delight.  She'll say things like, "today i want to be an adventurer wearing a cape."  She wants to eat her morning cereal outside (sans pants) and ride her scooter (also sans pants, boots on which ever feet she chooses).  She likes the sprinkler to spray her bum.  She reads books to her vegetables.  Packs her suitcase full of books and play food and rolls off to see her daddy at work.  She has spent most of this spring chasing the neighbor's cats and peeking in their windows.  She is curious why daddy can't nurse her "yiddle sissy" and thinks it's because "daddy doesn't have enough boobs."  She says "not interested" when i tell her it's time for a diaper change and she's busy playing.  And when she crawls into bed with me in the early morning light i pinch myself and think i'm the luckiest.

... I feel like i'm getting a second childhood being her mama.