This Easter Sunday was one of the best i've ever had.  Seeing Drew waiting for me at the end of the terminal as we landed back in PDX.  Giving him big smooches that could put those solider coming home from war kissin' his lady pictures to shame.  Watching winnie's pure delight as she searched the house for Easter eggs and then took her pants off and rode her scooter in the backyard while wearing her yellow rain boots on the wrong feet - such a sight makes my heart so happy.  Seeing penny dive into her papas shoulder and slowly move her nose across his chest, remembering his pure man smell and strong embrace.  Sitting around the table my grandfather designed and built along side my bother, eating a meal together as a family.  Returning home.  Leaving strife behind.  I've never felt more clarity.

*images shot in Sandpoint, Idaho 

Ali Lanengasandpoint