Backstage Butterflies

This week we've been up in the ole' 7B.  I've had the opportunity to photograph the DYW program, formerly known as JR. Miss.  It's been such a treat.  Jr. Miss not only paid for my first semester of college, but as an introvert it helped me form friendships that i still cherish today.  I was so excited this year to give back and donate my camera skills. 

A HUGE selection (56! fiftyFREAKINGsix) of photographs during the last few practice sessions the girls had will be on display prior to the show.  the images have this surreal grain and pulse, at times i was photographing almost entirely in the dark without a tripod, like a champ though i persisted and got some rad shots.  below are a few of my favorites as well as the write up for the collection of images. 

If you're around, come by and check them out in person.  The show starts at 7pm tomorrow, but get there early as it should be a full house.  The images will span the main hallway of the entire 2nd floor of the Sandpoint Event Center - the performance will take place on the 3rd floor. 

"There were counts of 8, snacks that just tasted better drenched in ranch, homework done on the side lines, confidences that wavered, heartbeats that raced, palms that got sweaty, beats that were danced to, and formations that were practiced.  They swapped secrets on stage left, walked in heels and yoga pants, wrote essays, sold tickets, and landed jumps.  They played the flute barefooted to an empty room, twirled in dresses, danced in the spotlight, and held a microphone for the very first time.  Friendships were forged as silhouettes swayed to the rhythm of the piano, blankets were draped in a cold ballroom, the stage curtains hold secrets of butterflies and determination.  25 practices later and 13 sets of little misses’ hands to hold, our 9 participates this year are certainly ready to shake it up.

And so, bearing bookmarks in each other's confidences, these 9 distinguished young women have strived to be their best selves.  This program has urged them to shiny boldly and to aim for excellence in terms of scholarship, leadership, and talent.  It’s easy to see them on stage, each with their polished performances, and overlook just how much hard work they put in.  So much hard work and emotion goes unnoticed behind the curtain.  This set of images tells that overlooked story.

These posters as well as a digital file of any of the images are available with a donation to the Distinguished Young Women Program."