a+s wedding

There is so much i could say about this wedding.  How grateful i felt to be a part of everything, how kind and welcoming everyone was, and how much pure fun i had.  Here is just a sampling of what i saw.  It's not the typical story you seen on most blogs- i get so tired of the same wedding story told visual the same way over and over again (the dress in a window, the rings, the .... you get the idea.)  This is the magic that i saw, not the magic i posed or planned or directed just for the photographs.  This was real magic, like real real magic.

This story is about a man.  It's about a woman.   And it's about the people who fiercely wanted to be a part of their union.   It's about a man who holds his lady with both strength and tenderness.  And it's about a woman who radiates.  It's about a love that is joyful, and slow, and steady. This love is built on faith.  It's built to last. 

But telling you about it is not my strength, let me show you...