4 burgers, 3 guys, 2 babies, 1 mama in the PDX


"Bam-pa" and Uncle Cody popped in for a quick hello.  Uncle Cody is back this side of the Atlantic after a two year stint in Ghana, cheering up our Monday and bringing the most gorgeous handmade dinning table my grandfather designed and built (with some extra man hands provided by my brother McCall).  It's seriously so. incredibly. beautiful.  I'm sooooo excited about family meals and all the merriness that is going to happen around it.  It's perfect.   Photographs to come... 

Together we hit the streets of downtown Portland, meeting papa for lunch, buying burgers at brunch box-- food truckin' it up and surrounding our selves with the grit of pioneer square.  "Bam-pa" got winnie some books at Powell's, so he's pretty much jumped to the top of her favorite list.  Though when the woman at the cash register had to take the books to scan them winnie froze-- those were her books and she hated letting them go even for just one second.  And this afternoon he's taking her to the toy store up the street.  He's about to turn into a God in her mind i'm sure.

You are about to see a lot of black and white photos.  I think i'm in a black and white funk and the only cure is, well, more black and white photos.  I get in these color inspired moods sometimes-- i don't even know what to do with myself.