on mothering two babies

being a mama to two babies is hard.  there are moments when all three of us at home are throwing tantrums.  and then there are magical moments when all three of us are sleeping.  there are times when i realize i've changed 12+ diapers in the last 24 hours, but failed to change my own underwear.  

and then there's a sweet moment when big sister runs to little sister and holds her hand because she's crying.  there are deep black bags under my eyes.  

there are days when it's an accomplishment to have our teeth brushed before lunch time.  and then there are times when i somehow managed to get all three of us dressed and to the park by 10am.  

there's a toddler who always tells me, "penny has poop!" and that poop is all over me.  there are thoughts of, "what were we thinking!" and "how is it that evolution has failed to give me enough arms!" and then there's that newborn baby smell.

there are smiles and laughter and moments of desperation.  there are messes, and messes, and messes.  there is a lot of joy.

all in all i think this video sums up everything.
"our family"ali