Big Sister || Little Sister

Yesterday, Drew went to target in search of a nursing bra for me. He had to ask a store clerk for help to find the right aisle - can you imagine the poor man lost in the women's unmentionables section? I felt so loved. Drew would rather shoot his own foot than ask for directions so this was a real leap for him. He returned home victorious with not one, but two nursing bras. Yay! On the way home from this errand, drew watched as winnie closed her eyes, bowed her head, and folded her arms. She said a sweet prayer while sitting in her car seat asking, "help mommy feel better!" Just thinking about their love for me brings tears to my eyes. This period of transition, with its ups and downs, has ended up being so sweet and has filled our home with a palpable love.

We hope that winnie and penny will have this same love for each other, being sisters and playmates and hopefully the very best of friends. Winnie constantly asks to "hold penny!" loves looking at her sisters "orange poop!" see her "tiny toes!" and my favorite "pet penny!" because that's what you do to other animals and a baby sister is pretty much just that at this stage. I hope penny doesn't mind getting a few less than gentle pokes as we are still learning to be soft.

big and little. sisters forever.

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