J+M || A Rainy Wedding Day

I'm not entirely sure how crazy i am, but last Friday (our moving day) i also second shot a wedding.  Shelby let me tag along again, and i'm so grateful (that's her photographing above shooting with a lens that weighs like a million pounds.  how she ever held it steady i'll never know.)  Between packing/moving all our stuff, being 8 months pregnant, and trying to take photographs my brain was fried by the end of the night.  at two different points during the shoot i entirely forgot the conversation topic, for conversations i was actively participating in.  my mind went blank and i tried to play it cool, like i remembered, and was following along - but oh man! how embarrassing!  By the time i got home and peed for the 8 millionth time that day i washed my hands with shampoo- it was a long day. a good, long day.

I was charged with driving the b+g around for photos and thankfully my awesome city driving skills, despite my fried brain, didn't kill the four of us.

Though i still have a long learning curve ahead of me, i really think i have it in me to make it as a photographer.  I just might need to start a collection fund to upgrade my camera and lenses... saving is so hard and blah!  i'm currently taking donations (not really, but really!)    A little more practice, some better equipment, and help figuring out how to manage two babies and a creative pursuit and i just might make it after all.  

I feel like i'm blabbering on, so here's the wedding story told with just a few of my favorite photographs from the day.  this couple was seriously so cute together it was hard not to post every single one...

Two Harvard PhD graduates.  her hotel room had a 1930's stick up heist mural painted above the bed.  he wore a wooden tie clip engraved with the mathematical formula for their wedding day.  it rained before and after the ceremony, but not during.  they got coffee before and drinks afterward- the bar as they walked in gave them cheers.  everything was simple and beautiful and honest.