live a dream || play photographer


  last saturday i got to live a dream and play photographer.  a fabulous local photographer, shelby brakken, let me job shadow her during a wedding shoot!  it was surreal.  not only was there no toddler to chase after and i got to have real conversations with other grown ups, but people actually thought i wasn't a fraud!

the bride was beautiful and my 7month pregnant belly has been fantasizing about her teeny tiny waist.  the groom was smitten. the ceremony started late due to a lost musician.  and my ankles were so swollen by the end of the day they might have belonged to an elephant.

anyway.... here are a few shots from the day.  sometimes i just walked around snapping pictures of who knows what, just to look busy while actually watching how shelby interacted with everyone, how she posed people, what she did to make everyone feel at ease.  i'm so in awe of her skills.  other times i carried bags or bouquets or was hunting a family member down.  a few times i slipped away to run to the nearest restroom (thank you baby #2 for all those kicks to the bladder...)  but most of all i was pleased as punch to be there!