"Drew Daddy"

drew drives by our kitchen window every morning/evening on his way to/from work.  there is a parking lot to a corner market right below our window, so he pulls in on his scooter and gives us a big hello/goodbye wave.  winnie squeals with delight so loud that she can see daddy on his "ooter" wearing his "hel-mut" you can seriously hear her a block away.  it's one the sweetest scenes i've ever seen.

well, one time while trying to get drew's attention out the window i called drew "drew" and winnie totally picked up on it.  for the last two weeks she's been calling her papa "drew daddy." i explained to her that my name is ali, but she doesn't call me "ali mama."  i'm still just mama.  but drew is "drew daddy" - like always and it's pretty cute.

in fact the other day while she was waiting for her papa to come home and was watching out the kitchen window waiting as patiently as a 20month old can.  she started hollering, "drew daddy, where are you! where are you?"  and i melted right then and there.  this kid loves her papa, a lot.

"our family", "winnie"ali