keeping goals || growing


  i've been spending a lot of time editing and taking photographs of winnie for my instagram project. it's been stretching my creativity like crazy and my visual capabilities have grown leaps and bounds.  pushing out one image a day is really hard. i could take the easy way out and just snap any old picture of my daughter, but i really try hard to make the images genuine and good.  the act of getting one image out every day sometimes means i push the image out slightly premature or before i've figured out which image from the set i took that day is the best or which is the best way to edit the photo.  

i've been finding that setting the images aside for a few days and coming back helps me see them in a different light.  that top photograph falls into this category as do the two below.  sometimes i pass over an image just because i'm looking for a specific aesthetic instead of looking at the image for technical correctness.

i blogged back in january about some goals for the year 2013- and my number one goal was getting better at editing photographs.  this instagram project has really helped me to keep that goal i made almost 9 months ago.  and it's been so so so good.  i feels good to accomplish.  it feels good to grow.  it feels good to expand my mind and my creativity.  i can't wait to see what i learn next, about myself or about photography, through this project. 

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